Zarifsan carries out production in various sizes and quantities for companies producing automotive, white goods, electric motors, machinery and machinery equipment. Our company makes its production with machines suitable for customer requests. With its experienced staff and experience in machining, we produce and deliver on time. Our company attaches importance to total quality in production and this importance is applied in every process of production.


Zarifsan’s total quality management is based on IATF16949:2016 International Quality System Standard. Ensuring compliance with this standard will be assured by the operation manager and Zarifsan employees.



Our firm was first founded in 1986 with the name of “Edib Erdemli ve Ortakları”. In 1986, Zarifsan entered the business in an 80 m² workshop with 4 employees and from that day on by satisfying customer demands on time and with high quality, Zarifsan ensured absolute customer satisfaction. Thus, Zarifsan started his first step in the industry.